Registration is underway for the 2018 China Poblana contest, a tradition within Douglas as well as other multicultural communities.

Organizers are seeking the participation of girls, ages 2-to 21 years-old, to compete in five different age categories: Toddler China Poblana, 2-to 4-years-old; Little China Poblana, 5-to 8-years-old; Junior China Poblana, 9-to 12-years-old; Teen China Poblana, 13-to 16-years-old; and Miss China Poblana, 17-to 21-years-old.

Winners of each category will be provided with the China Poblana dress and hat. Chinas will be required to serve a full year, with encouraged participation in community events, and parades.

Prior China Poblana winners are not eligible to run in the same age group they held the title previously.

Miss China Poblana will receive a $400 scholarship at the end of her reign.

Entry fees cost $25 per participant. In addition, each entrant must sell a minimum of 25 tickets at $5 each to qualify. A birth certificate is also required at the time of registration.

The China Poblana selection will be held on Aug. 28.

For more information, contact Ken Nelson or Sandee Nelson at (520) 220-1996, or (520) 895-2663.

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