Election 2020: Unofficial results

Unofficial election results are in and it appears as if there will be a runoff May 19 between Donald Huish and Roberto Moreno in the race for mayor.

In Tuesday’s Primary Election, Huish received 1,018 votes, 43.06 percent; Moreno, 683 votes, 28.89 percent; Robert Uribe, 443 votes, 18.74 percent and David Studer,214 votes, 9.05 percent.

There were 2,364 total votes cast in the mayors race.

In the race for Ward 1 city council, incumbent Margaret Morales defeated Mario Ramos 198-169.

In the race for Ward 3 city council, Danya Acosta beat Benny LaForge 258-199.

In the Ward 5 race, Michael Baldenegro defeated the incumbent Cesar Soto 186-102. 

These results do not  include any early or replacement ballots dropped off at the Replacement Centers Tuesday.  Those ballots will be processed and counted, and further updates will be made public when they are available over the next several days.  


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