The new mural that was defaced only days after it was painted in downtown Douglas, was restored this past weekend.

The mural was completed on April 22 by renowned Chicago-based artist, Sentrock and local artists Doxy Tutsi Pop, Tolley Rippon, Adrian Torres, Dara Preciado, and Ozni Preciado. On the night of April 30, the mural was vandalized with a splatter of pink paint, which left many residents upset and confused.

“I don’t understand why, or how someone could do something like this,” said local art enthusiast, Angela Beauchaine. “Maybe they didn’t like how it looked, or they didn’t understand the message, but that is no excuse. I’m sure the artists put in a lot of work and love into the mural. It’s very saddening.”

On May 2, some of the local artists who worked on the original project returned to help restore the mural with new paint.

“I was heartbroken when I found out they threw paint over it because it was a lot of hard work,” Ozni Preciado said. “It is a motivation to keep on going now that we’re repainting it, and I think a lot of people like seeing us work on it again. It’s a good feeling to show that no one can stop us.”

Joseph “Sentrock” Perez, originally from Phoenix, has left his impression on cities, major and small, all around the United States. As previously reported, Perez explained that the concept of the piece is subjective to it’s viewer.

“My concept shows a character, this young girl who is kneeling down and looking at something in her hand,” he said. “She’s looking at the bird next to her and the rose that’s growing in her hand. The young girl has a bird mask on, a symbol for wanting to find your own wings and fly away to be able to see more.”

He continued, “There’s a birdhouse on her chest, because home is where the heart is. The words coming out of the birdhouse ‘We Still Rose’ mean no matter what conditions or environment she’s in, she’s still growing just like the rose in her palm.”

The project was initiated under the Arizona Commission on the Arts, by Gabriella Munoz and Joshua Castaneda of Arizona Artworker. Munoz and Castaneda were able to secure funding for the project from a private donor.

The Border Arts Corridor (BAC) organized the local aspects of the project, which was held as a workshop for local artists to learn about creating their own murals.

Any information related to the vandalism of the mural should be reported to the Douglas Police Department.   



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