The 5th Annual Concert Without Borders was held on May 26, featuring talents from Douglas and Agua Prieta.

The event was held just west of the Raul Castro Port of Entry in Douglas, which joined two stages across the border fence into Agua Prieta. Hundreds of spectators enjoyed a night of music, games, and art, with the idea that the border wall was merely an illusion.

The event was hosted by The Consulate of Mexico in Douglas, the Binational Art Institute of the City of Bisbee, the Cities of Douglas and Agua Prieta, and the Executive Director of Education and Culture.

According to Consul Jorge Ernesto Espejel Montes, the binational event served as a platform for unity and respect among the border communities of the United States and Mexico.

“It has expressed through art, the fraternity between the sister cities of Douglas and Agua Prieta,” he stated.

Other event contributors included the Border Arts Corridor, Cochise College, and the Casa de Cultura of Agua Prieta.

“One of the things that is making a difference in this area are the important people we have here tonight, who are making a difference in both cities,” Consul Espejel said. “Today we are going to dance together, sing together and enjoy all the things that are good about this border community. As the mayor of Agua Prieta said, we have a wall but it doesn’t matter to us, when we are together it doesn’t exist.”


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