A message from DUSD Superintendent Ana Samaniego

DUSD Superintendent Ana Samaniego and Fernando Nunez, assistant superintendent

After months of planning and laying out the groundwork, we eagerly anticipate the start of a new school year and new beginnings. 

We are extremely excited for our school year to begin on August 1 and look forward to welcoming all students. The administrative team has been working diligently, breaking down academic data and solidifying their school goals to bring them to fruition. There is a great deal of excitement and passion as we endeavor to provide the best possible balanced educational program for every student who enters our doors. We at DUSD are committed to provide your children with the opportunity, means, and motivation to maximize their potential and to develop them as lifelong learners.  

Due to the support of our community and parents, and the excellence of our educators, administrators, and support staff, we are confident that our schools will continue to show academic gains. As we sharpen our focus, refine our curriculum initiatives to make it more appropriate and provide more instructional support for our educators, and develop more parent-school partnerships, we are certain that these ingredients are key to our students’ success. We encourage parents and community to get involved and become invested in our students. Remember that parental involvement enhances our children’s opportunities to be successful academically and socially. 

Every child matters. We will strive to provide extra-curricular activities, athletic programs, enrichment opportunities, and a wide variety of CTE programs at the high school level that stimulate innovative thinking, and provide students with Skills, Wisdom, Ability, and Greatness because DUSD students are equipped with SWAG! Throughout the upcoming school year, our educators will continue to educate our students with heart. We feel truly blessed to have an impressive group of educators who are passionate about your child’s academic and personal growth. 

As always, I value the input and suggestions of community members, students, and parents. I look forward to another wonderful year and daily accomplishments of our students and staff. Please join us in celebrating our success and always remember that at DUSD we don’t hide our passion, we “parade” it! 


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