Construction is scheduled to begin this week for the Bay Acres Community Sewer Project.

Representatives from KE&G Construction, based out of Sierra Vista, as well as city and county officials met with Bay Acres residents, Thursday, Jan. 9, giving them an update on the upcoming project.

When finished, approximately 350 sewer connections will be made in Bay Acres and along Washington Avenue to 24th Street. Bay Acres residents can expect to pay $32.02 per month for sewer service for residential and $52.03 for commercial, once the project is completed.

Should Bay Acres become annexed, as city leaders are wanting to do, residents will pay a monthly sewer service rate of $25 for residential and $37 for commercial as well as $20 a month for garbage and $15.50 for water.

Larry Saunders, senior project manager, told those at the meeting, the project is going to start on 24th Street and Eddie Avenue, beginning this week, then go up Washington Avenue and into Bay Acres.

“This project is going to last about 12 months,” he said. “We’re going to start around 7 a.m. and we’ll finish around 3 or 4 p.m. As the summer gets warmer, we’ll start at 6 and finish a little earlier, hopefully.”

Saunders explained to the property owners what cooperation will be needed of them as the construction reaches their property lines and they connect them to the new sewer system.

“The main line has to go in first,” he said. “Then we’re going to come back and put the house service up to the property line. After that is done, then we get it tested and accepted by all the agencies that need to accept it. Once that is done, we will then enter your property and dig up through your yard and find your septic system. Once we get that in and tied in, we test it again. Once we get everything tied in, we’re then going to come back and dig up your septic tank, pump it out and demolish it in place. You can expect us to be in your area about five times.”

Saunders said he needs everybody’s help with their yards.

“If you know where your septic system is, please let us know,” he said. “We may have to do some exploring to find your septic system and where your sewer comes out of your homes and goes into the septic system. We want your help as we do this. That’s the toughest part of all this. We also need a path to get to your system. We ask that you remove any cars or anything that may be in the way as we do this and get to your area.”

Saunders added, bulletin boards will be placed near the mail boxes at the entrance to Bay Acres with updated information. He also displayed a photo showing the size of the equipment that residents in the area can expect to see in their streets. One piece of equipment is 11 feet wide, and swings in a 20-25 foot radius.

“We need to follow strict safety requirements out there for your safety, the traveling public safety, and our own,” Saunders said. “As we progress out there please stay away from the workers and the equipment. If you have a question, there will be ways to get ahold of the guys and they will come visit with you.”

Saunders displayed marking stakes that will be used in the project. He asked the residents to please leave them alone and do not remove them.

“We need them to help us build that whole job out here,” he said. “There’s 27,000 feet of pipe that has to go into the ground out here for your subdivision. We’ll need all these stakes to do that.”

Saunders said there will be access points for the school buses that pass through the area, as well as garbage collection.

“When we shut down every night there will be an orange fence around any holes in that area that are left open,” he said. “We’ll have steel plates everywhere we can. We’re here to build you a nice system as quickly and safely as possible.”

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