China Poblana selection Wednesday

The 2018 China Poblanas: Andrea Amaya, Lizty Arevalo, Mila Villalobos, Jahnavi Bernard and Alondra Camacho.

Eight contestants are signed up for the annual China Poblana Pageant which takes place tonight at 6 p.m. at the Douglas Golf Course.

Tonight’s pageant will end the reign for the 2018 China Poblana’s: Lizty Arevalo, Andrea Amaya, Jahnavi Beard, Mila Villalobos and Alondra Camacho.

The girls competing tonight are split into five different categories from ages 2 to 21.

Following is a listing of the girls currently entered:

Toddler China Poblana (2-4): Aaliyah Montes, Paulina Molina, and Sofia Noriega.

Little China Poblana (5-8): Jizell Villa and Francelia Ballesteros.

Junior China Poblana (9-12): Daniela Bernal.

Teen China Poblana (13-16): Mariana Del Ref Perayda Fimbres.

Miss China Poblana (17-21): Kendra Nelson.

The new China Poblana’s will be formally recognized during the St. Luke’s Fiestas on Sunday, Sept. 8.

For those who do not have tickets for tonight’s pageant, but wish to attend there will be a $5 admission charge.

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