Cochise College prepares for COVID-19

Colleges and universities across the country are implementing plans to help reduce the threat from COVID-19 to their students, employees, and communities. Cochise College is also taking efforts to safeguard its constituents through social distancing.

Cochise College has decided to extend spring break for one week for students only. The college will remain open for faculty and staff. All classes will resume on Monday, March 23. This includes the start of the second eight-week courses. The college will work to minimize face-to-face contact, where possible when classes resume. Class formats may be modified to accommodate this need.

On-campus community events scheduled for next week at all campuses and centers have been suspended at this time.

We will continue to provide a safe and clean campus for our students, faculty, staff, and the communities we serve. Even more so today, we are expanding precautionary infection prevention measures by implementing the cleaning and sanitation practices recommended by the CDC.

We encourage everyone to visit for updates about campus information on public health, student services, and any corresponding implications for on-campus activities, events, and classes – including any travel implications and restrictions.

During this time of great anxiety and uncertainty, we will work together to make reasonable accommodations and meet the needs of our students and staff with minimal disruption to the remainder of the spring semester.

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