It was a relatively quiet start to 2020 for Douglas residents.

Officials with both the Douglas Fire and Police Departments were happy to report there were no injuries reported related to New Year’s celebrations.

Fireworks, accompanied by occasional sounds of gun shots were heard around Douglas and the Douglas Dispatch did receive a couple of messages regarding the noise.

Lt. Matt King, public information officer for the Douglas Fire Department, and Jamilette Barrios, public information officer for the DPD, stated there were no reports of property damage or personal injury.

“(We had) one report of possible gun shots on the night of the 31st,” Barrios said. “Officers went out and it was negative with gun shots. Three calls of fireworks (one on the 31st the other two after midnight). One loud music complaint through the day of the 1st; one verbal argument and one warrant at POE. Nothing out of the ordinary. No stray bullet calls.”

Lt. King said his department did have some EMS calls, but they were typical calls in nature and nothing out of the ordinary.

“The gunfire last night was dangerous and uncalled for to celebrate 2020,” one resident said. “It appears not too many residents care. A.R.S. 13-3107 prohibits this.”

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