DOC makes donation to local organization

Pictured above, from left DFD firefighter/paramedic Gerardo Romo, Tony De La Torre, ADOC Fundraiser liaison, Nomi Galindo, DFD Administrative Assistant and Raul Alvarado, firefighter/paramedic.

The Arizona Department of Corrections Douglas Mohave Unit on Highway 191 made a significant donation to a local charitable organization in Douglas.

Several months ago DOC Case Manager Tony De La Torre presented a check for $6,722.46 to the City of Douglas Fire Department to benefit the City of Douglas Food and Toy Drive. The City of Douglas Food and Toy Drive is a program in the City of Douglas that provides local children and families with the opportunity to have a happy and warm Holiday Season by providing food baskets, toys, jackets, and a Christmas event in downtown Douglas. This program also assists the Toys for Tots drive. This donation was made possible from a fundraiser held at the Douglas Mohave Unit.

On behalf of Douglas Fire Chief Kevin Lomeli, he thanks the Arizona Department of Corrections for this generous donation and also thanks case manager Tony De La Torre for organizing this fund raising event. The Douglas Fire Department staff added that they are grateful for this year’s donation as well as all the previous year’s donations as they are going to a great cause to help the needy families in the community and surrounding community during the Christmas holiday season. Nomi Galindo stated “You guys always come through and we are so thankful.”

This Mohave unit fundraiser raised $13,576.25 of which $6,722.46 was donated to the City of Douglas Food and Toy Drive.

De La Torre said, “We are holding at least one fundraiser a month that allows us to support local and national charities and organizations. We are strong supporters of local charities because we know that the donations we are raising are helping make positive changes in people’s lives. When you see the smile on the children’s faces during this Christmas event, it is very satisfying and makes us thankful for many things.”

De La Torre added the inmate population enjoys participating and helping raise funds in these fundraisers because they know it’s their way of giving back to the community.

De La Torre stated these fundraisers would not be possible without the support of the DOC administration team at the Douglas complex and all the staff members that participate and help out during these events.

“I am just thankful to be part of this team and to have the opportunity to help out our community and the organizations that we support,” he said. “Warden Ron Lee and Deputy Warden Monica Taylor always support our fund raising events. It’s a lot of work and very time consuming but it’s very much worth the effort.”

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