DOC Mohave Unit makes generous donation

Pictured above are, Cornelia Munoz, American Cancer Society Event Leader; Richard Yanez, Walmart Manager; Alex Aragon, American Cancer Society Senior Community Development Manager; Tony De La Torre, ADOC fundraiser liaison, William Tardibuono, American Cancer Society Event Leader and Angel Elzy, American Cancer Society Relay Participant.

The Arizona Department of Corrections Douglas Mohave Unit once again made a significant fundraiser donation to a charitable organization in Douglas, The American Cancer Society.

The check presentation was held on August 8, in the Douglas government building.

DOC fundraiser liaison Tony De La Torre presented a check for $15,379.59 to The American Cancer Society’s Sr. Community Manager, Alex Aragon. This check presentation was made at an American Cancer Society meeting.

“We can’t thank Tony enough for all of his hard work, the impact that he’s making in the community and for our relay is tremendous,” Aragon said. “The fundraiser was one of the largest fundraisers by a prison in the state of Arizona. We are forever grateful for Tony, the Arizona Department of Corrections Douglas, and the rest of the staff; we hope they know this donation will make a huge difference in the fight against cancer. “

The State Prison Douglas Mohave unit fundraiser raised the money through one of their fundraising events; this money was then donated to the American Cancer Society.

“We, at the Douglas State Prison are thankful and honored to be able to support this organization,” De La Torre said. “This was our most successful fundraiser this year so far, and it was made possible through the effort and teamwork of our staff, administrators, and our fundraising committee. I am excited about the outcome of this event. It makes us want to keep striving for goals like these. We anticipate with pleasure the opportunity to support this and other organizations and foundations that contribute to community betterment. It is our honor to be a part of the positive contributions that the American Cancer Society is making in America and the world.”

De La Torre added that the inmate population enjoys participating and helping raise funds in these fundraisers because it’s their way of giving back to the community and they have satisfaction in knowing their efforts are going to good causes by supporting this and other local and national organizations.

He stated that these fundraisers are made possible with the support and leadership of the Douglas Complex Department of Corrections administration team and all the staff members that participate and assist during these events. De La Torre would like to extend gratitude to Warden Ronald Lee and Deputy Warden Monica Taylor for supporting the Douglas fundraising team in these events.

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