The 2019 Douglas China Poblanas were selected Wednesday, Aug. 28 at a China Poblana selection event held at the Douglas Country Club.

Seven contestants competed in five separate age divisions.

In the Toddler China division, which is for children ages 2-4 there were three contestants. Aaliyah Montes was named the 2019 Toddler China. Second place went to Sofia Noriega.

In the Little China Poblana division for young girls ages 5-8, there were just two contestants. Francelia Ballesteros was selected the 2019 Little China Poblana, while Jizzell Villa came in second.

Daniela Bernal ran unopposed and was crowned the Junior China Poblana which is for girls ages 13-16.

Mariana Del Ref Pereyda Fimbres ran unopposed and was crowned the Teen China Poblana.

Kendra Nelson also ran unopposed and was crowned Miss China Poblana 2019.

The new China Poblanas will receive their hats on Sunday, Sept. 8 at the St. Luke’s Festival on 15th Street.

The 2019 selection show also marked the end to the reigns of the 2018 Douglas China Poblanas: Alondra Camacho, Toddler China Poblana; Mila Villalobos, Little China Poblana; Jahnavi Bernal, Junior China Poblana; Andrea Amaya, Teen China Poblana, and Lizty Arevalo, Miss China Poblana.

Both Arevalo and Amaya said they really enjoyed their year as China Poblanas as well as getting out in the community, and meeting so many wonderful people.

Amaya announced that after graduating from Douglas High School this May, she will be leaving for the U.S. Navy where she will work to become a trauma surgeon.

“My year (as China Poblana) was phenomenal,” she said. “Being China Poblana was extremely rewarding. The highlight of my year was coming out in the Fourth of July parade knowing that I was about to enlist in the United States Navy. I want to thank everyone for their support, especially my family who supported me at each and every event.”

Arevalo was awarded her $400 scholarship check at the event.

“This is something I never thought I would have done,” she said. “Looking back, I’m so glad I did and to be Miss China Poblana was truly an amazing experience. “

The China Poblana is a part of Mexican folklore which has been based on some historical and traditional accounts.

The name of the original China Poblana was Mira, which was an Asian princess brought to Mexico for the Royalty.

She soon went to a rich merchant, which adopted Mira as his child.

With her kindness and consideration, she won the hearts of the peasants.

She taught the women of the pueblo to sew in her Asian style and soon her style was adopted by the women of the pueblo, which became the design of the traditional China Poblana dress having the three colors of the Mexican flag red, white, and green.

The China Poblana dress is a national symbol seen at the Fiestas Patrias, Mexican Independence Day celebrations, every September.

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