Douglas resident deployed overseas

Douglas resident Brian Webb and his mom Doris prior to him leaving on a 10-month deployment.

Douglas resident Brian Webb recently left for a 10-month deployment overseas.

According to his mother Doris Ford-Webb, her son has continued to balance the military and his civilian life.

“In 2013 he enlisted with the intention of serving in the military while attending New Mexico State University,” she said. “With doing so, the military allowed him to obtain a Master’s Degree in criminal justice before he was finally called to serve his country overseas. While underneath the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1/200th Infantry battalion out of New Mexico.”

Doris said Brian has had to balance the civilian life style of an infantry soldier all while serving in the National Guard and maintaining a civilian mindset, thriving as a Senior Mortgage Banker with Quicken Loans.

“Balancing multiple lifestyles is difficult as he continuously transitions his mindset from serving his community to serving his country without falling behind peers in either lifestyle,” she said. “His unit was recently activated to deploy overseas and I could not be more proud of my son who selflessly decided to re-enlist with the intentions of serving 20 years with the National Guard. Our country is filled with men and women that raise their hand in our nations defense and never look back. I am forever grateful of those who not only look after my freedom but protect it for those that come after me. I love my son and thank him for having the ambition to serve his community and country.”

Webb is a 2010 graduate from Douglas High School. He is the son of Michael Webb of Ohio and Doris Ford-Webb of Douglas.

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