DUSD principals relocated

John Brooks and Tizoc Anaya, shown above cutting a celebration cake, were two of the retirees honored prior to the June 4 board meeting.

When the new school year begins August 1, several schools throughout the Douglas Unified School District will have new principals.

At its regular school board meeting Tuesday, June 4 it was announced that Randy Walker will be the principal at Douglas High School replacing Dr. Andrea Overman who is retiring June 30. Geraldina Trevino, Angel Ortega and Albert Young will be the assistant principals.

Deborah Herrera will transfer from Stevenson Elementary to Paul Huber Middle School. Henry Jones will remain as her assistant.

Katie Walker will be reassigned to the main office where she will take over as the ESS Director, previously occupied by Lisa Holland.

Corinna (Monge) Moen, a 1998 DHS graduate, was hired to be the new principal at Clawson Elementary.

Those principals staying put this school year are: Fernando Morales, Faras; Rosella Melgoza, Sarah Marley and Melissa Rodriguez and Ronda Lamadrid will remain at Ray Borane Middle School.

The principal position at Stevenson Elementary is currently vacant and expected to be filled in the coming weeks.

DUSD Assistant Superintendent Fernando Nunez said the principals that are being reassigned will report to their new school July 1.

In other action at the board meeting Hunter Long was officially hired as Douglas’ new football coach. He will also be the boy’s physical education instructor at DHS. Richard Ross and Uriel Cortez were hired as two of Long’s assistant coaches.

Twelve new teachers were hired for the upcoming school year and nine teachers were hired to teach summer school.

Priscilla Enriquez was hired to be the school nurse at Joe Carlson; Amanda Endres was hired to be the school nurse at Stevenson.

DUSD Superintendent Anna Samaniego also addressed the board in regards to some events that have taken place that were not been sponsored by the DUSD, the most recent being an end of the school year water balloon fight at Airport Park where a DHS student was injured resulting in the loss of several of his fingers.

“This event has been ongoing for several years,” she said. “We have found it getting a little bit more aggressive each year.”

At the incident which occurred Wednesday, May 22, Samaniego said DPD was visible at Airport Park.

“That event has nothing to do with Douglas High School or DUSD,” she said. “It’s important for me to let you know we don’t promote it, sponsor it or recognize it. This is all done by students outside of school hours. While we support them having fun and we want them to have fun the last day of school, it has just gotten a little bit crazier out there. The good and fun of a water balloon fight turned into an accident and somebody got hurt.”

Samaniego said its important parents understand these events are not sponsored by DUSD.

“We have no control over what the kids do (after school hours),” she said also referencing D-Week where houses have been toilet papered and egged, students hazed and the so-called kidnappings that take place during D-Week.

Samaniego noted that since Mitch Lindemann and Cesar Soto, who both serve on the city council, maybe something can be done with the city and the district that will allow them to have fun but in a relatively safe environment.

“This is something that needs to be controlled,” Lindemann said. “Maybe we can partner with the city somehow and have some police officers, some security guards there.

“There are ways that we could possibly deescalate some of these activities and be more of a school sponsored thing,” she said.

Prior to the start of the meeting Samaniego recognized the following individuals for their years of service to the DUSD: Tizoc Anaya, 11-years; John Brooks, 15-years; Elsa Sanchez, 20-years; Palma Hudson, two-years; Lisa Holland, five-years; Silas Griffin, 12-years; Norma Ramos, 30-years; Beverly Jackson, 15-years; Lily Pintor, 38-years; Cindy Gage, 23-years and Dr. Overman, 27-years.

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