Preschoolers from Joanie Duarte’s class at Faras Elementary have left their hand prints all over the entrance to the children’s section of the Douglas Public Library.

The project, which took place on Friday, May 17, was done in cooperation with the City of Douglas.

Duarte’s morning and afternoon preschool classes showed up to the library and one by one, left their painted handprint along their name, on the sidewalk outside the entrance.

Duarte said she had seen different painting projects taking place throughout the city thanks to the efforts of Joel Camacho, IT manager for the city.

She approached Camacho one day and asked him if he needed any help with the projects because she enjoyed doing stuff like that with her students.

Several weeks later Camacho approached Duarte, asked her how many students she had in her preschool class and then explained his idea.

“He sent me pictures of his idea and it just went from there,” she said. “It is such an honor to be asked to help out with this. This is a really fun experience for the kids. They seem to enjoy it. It’s fun to get out of the classroom. This will still be here when they’re older so when they come back and see their handprint and their name, they will remember this day.”

Once the students were done Camacho applied a sealant that will protect the students work from the elements.

“What we want to do is offer a walkway from the Placita Park all the way to the Douglas-Williams House,” Camacho said. “We’d like to get more people involved in projects like this.”

After the students finished the project at the library, they were taken to the 10th Street Park where they ate Happy Meals from McDonalds.

“This was something fun to do on what was our last time together as a class,” Duarte said. “I feel very blessed to be approached by Joel for this.”

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