The transformation of G Avenue from parallel to angular parking has begun, and will continue this week.

City crews began converting G Avenue from 10th to 11th Street last week, and this week, are working from 11th Street north to 15th Street.

Each side of G Avenue, from 15th Street to 10th, will also soon be converted down to one lane each way with the center turn lane to remain in the middle.

In the work that was done last week on the east side of G Avenue from 10th to 11th, the parking spaces increased from eight parallel to 13 angular. Each lane is 12-feet wide.

A new look for G Avenue is on the agenda for the April 12 Douglas City Council meeting at which time additional design changes will be proposed to the mayor and council that will make downtown more attractive to out of town visitors.

City leaders are hoping this transformation will increase accessibility for people wanting to shop downtown, but are unable to do so due to the lack of parking.

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