On February 14, students from Douglas’ HOSA Future Health Professionals. will compete in the first annual Regional Conference in Tucson.

Four regions of Arizona will come together to compete at regionals.

In preparation for the Regional Conference, Douglas HOSA’s Biomedical and Behavioral Health chapters held the “Be Excellent at HOSA” conference on Saturday, February 1, at Douglas High School. At the conference, guest speakers, local officers, community members and advisors conducted presentations and activities aimed at preparing HOSA members to compete.

Improving Public Speaking Skills

To open the conference, Officers Katrina Altamirano, Enrique Unzueta, and Victor Anaya spoke about practice skills and the difference of the voice in a speaker, how body language and movement is important and the ways of captivating the audience’s attention. One of the main focuses of the presentation was public speaking in different settings. Guest speaker, Mayor Robert Uribe spoke about his own experience with public speaking. Public speaking for him is connecting himself with his audience.

“Public speaking should be spoken from the heart,” advised Mayor Robert Uribe.

A connection with the audience and the speaker should be shown to grab the audience’s attention. Public speaking has helped Mayor Uribe gain confidence and passion for his job. He encourages members to be better by being confident in themselves. Advisor Martha Alonso added tips and tricks of wisdom left behind by former HOSA members.

The Future for Arizona HOSA

HOSA members had the opportunity to chat live with Mac McGraw, Region 2 Vice President of Arizona HOSA. HOSA members and chapters are dedicated leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.

Vice President McGraw emphasized the state associations goal this year is to encourage students to participate more by showcasing members and chapters across the state on social media and their monthly publication. McGraw reminded HOSA members that the theme for this year’s International Leadership Conference is Towards Tomorrow. Arizona HOSA and state officers are excited to welcome new members and be part of the journey to HOSA’s International Leadership Conference which will take place in Houston, Texas this summer.

Additional sessions

Sprinkled throughout the day, HOSA members took part in fun leadership activities to help them sharpen their skills. Officers Luis Flores, Andrea Borbon, and Lluvia Perez spoke to HOSA members about the importance of time management in their session “How should we manage time?”

Each Officer shared their experience with time management and tips for members to practice. Guest speaker Ms. Auxy Rubio BHT, talked about breathing techniques and tips to deal with anxiety in her session “Don’t let anxiety beat you!”.

Officers Pamela Duarte, Camila Ruelas, and Daniela Torres shared their stories of what has helped them beat anxiety. Members learned how important it is to recognize anxiety and its negative effects.

Practice, Practice, PracticeThe afternoon was dedicated to allowing teams and individuals time to practice their presentations implementing their new skills. Dedicated teachers and community members graciously gave their time to participate as judges. Douglas HOSA could not be successful without the support of our community.

Wish our HOSA members luck as they set out February 14 to the Regional Conference. Douglas HOSA would like to recognize and thank its guest speakers Mayor Uribe, Mrs. Rubio and Mr. McGraw. In addition, Douglas HOSA would like to recognize and thank Mrs. Andrea Barallardos, Mr. Ray Shelton, Ms. Scarlett Hughes, Ms. Rubio, Ms. Carolina Noriega, and Ms. Deyanira Victor, that kindly volunteered and took time to judge the presentations.

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