With the anticipation of school starting, an estimated 150 incoming freshmen took part in the annual Bulldog Boot Camp hosted by the DHS Student Council on Monday, July 22.

The event gave the incoming students an idea of what to expect when school begins Aug. 1.

Initial registration had just 43 incoming freshmen signed up. The day of the event participation numbers nearly tripled.

Student Body President Jimena Lamadrid, a senior at DHS this year, said she was very pleased by the turnout.

“Everyone is nervous on their first day of school and what we wanted to do is help the incoming freshmen understand what they can expect when school starts,” she said. “We don’t want them to freak out on their first day of school.”

Lamadrid said she had this boot camp when she was a freshman and remembers the jitters and apprehension she had knowing she was transferring to a campus she was unfamiliar with.

“I remember how this helped me get over some of my fears,” she said.

Kicking off the camp, several of the student volunteers modeled for the incoming Bulldogs on what is appropriate to wear and what would be inappropriate and considered a dress code violation.

After the introduction to the camp, the incoming freshmen were then taken on tours throughout the campus while others stepped into a classroom to get academic and social advice from current and past students who volunteered their time helping the incoming freshmen get all the benefits they could from the event.

Student Council members also incorporated fun games to help the incoming freshmen bond with others from different schools.

Isabella Gomez was one of the incoming freshmen who attended the Bulldog Boot Camp.

“I thought today was a lot of fun,” she said. “They did a good job of letting us know what to do and not to do and helping us so we know how to navigate through the school.”

She admitted the boot camp helped ease some of the apprehension about starting high school.

“I feel better now knowing what to expect when school starts,” she said.

“I thought this boot camp went very well,” Lamadrid said. “This year’s class was a lot more into it than last year and willing to participate in the events we offered.”

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