The June exhibit which has been on display all month long at the Douglas Art Gallery on 10th Street, will end this Saturday, June 29.

The current exhibit features arts, crafts and items created for hobbies from several local artists.

On Saturday, June 15 the D.A.G. held its monthly reception for the displaying artists.

Gale Eckhardt displays needlepoint, cross stitch, art cards and craft items she makes and sells. Her work is detailed, meticulous, and beautiful.

“I’ve dabbled in all sorts of needlework over the years but cross stitch is my favorite,” a sign at her exhibit reads. “To me, starting with a piece of blank fabric and seeing a picture take shape with my stitching is like seeing a painting that started with a blank canvas.”

She said her friend prompted her to display her works at the gallery plus she is a member. She stated a needlework piece can take as little as a few months to as long as a few years.

Her husband Morris has made a hobby of miniature dioramas of battlefields with soldiers, horses, and armies all laid out in tiny replica. He also sketches birds in pencil and makes lapidary items.

Morris said he has always liked board games and in chess you always know exactly what’s going to happen but in real life you could have the best troops, the best guns, etc. and still lose. He said to complete a miniature diorama can take months to finish and he tries to make the terrain as realistic as possible.

“I’m always glad to show off here,” he said when asked how he felt about showing his crafts. “Douglas is not really big on board gaming so I try to show a little bit of what board gaming is all about. It’s very different.”

Their daughter Shelby has beaded items on display, this month while Aaron Pittaway, Shelby’s son, has pottery items, paintings and drawings on display. Jane Ferguson creates clay items that are very unusual and attractive.

Gael Calia creates beautiful weaving and interesting and unusual pottery pieces, many of which fill the tables this month.

“This month I’m actually showing off a lot of things I’ve had accumulating around the house,” she said. My favorite things are all here at the gallery however. I’ve had art lessons for about 20 years; been working on my own for about 10. This is the culmination of a lot of my favorite things.”

The Gallery invites everyone to come view its June exhibit.

The July exhibit the July show will be a members show, and any member can display and sell items for the whole month of July.

Gallery fundraiser July 4

The Douglas Art Association will be having a bake sale fundraiser on Thursday, July 4 at the Douglas Art Gallery on 10th Street next to the Post Office.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There will be various baked items as well as all the arts and crafts on display at the gallery.

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