Kartchner retires from the city

Douglas’ Public Works Director and City Engineer Lynn Kartchner.

Douglas’ Public Works Director and City Engineer Lynn Kartchner, has retired.

His last day was Sunday, June 30.

Kartchner had previously retired from the city in December 2000. He opened a gun shop and operated engineering office from January 2001 through December 2016, when he closed the gun shop and consolidated all the business assets at home. In 2016 he returned to the city becoming its city engineer and public works director.

He still has his engineering business which he says he will continue to keep open.

Starting July 1, Lynn says he wants to slow down, not stop, after 33 years of county and city engineering, in two counties and five cities He was a Combat Commander of Company A, 864th Army Engineer Battalion in Vietnam, 1970-71, where he built 66 kilometers of QL-1 Coastal Highway. He graduated from the University of Arizona, College of Mines, in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering degree with many postgraduate credits since then.

His engineering accomplishments for the region have been many. Kartchner has worked for Douglas twice, 1997-2000, and 2016-2019. He has enjoyed the projects he got to engineer, like removing the underpass and constructing the entryway onto G Avenue, closing the prison sewer plant and constructing a sewer line to the City Wastewater Treatment Plant, expanding the plant, converting streetlights to LED, transitioning the garbage collection to one-man trucks and building the first Flood Control project, with several more underway, and setting up the City to do its own chip-sealing.

While not employed by the City, he designed a sewer system for the old hospital, which is now closed, and several other systems. He has designed hundreds of retaining walls, parking decks, house additions, and building rehabilitations in Bisbee and Douglas.

Kartchner grew up in the Bisbee-Douglas area and has lived all over the world, making a conscious decision to stay in Douglas due to many freedoms and assets that are not available in the rest of the world.

“Once here, one realizes how well you have it here,” Kartchner concluded.

City officials add they wish him well in his retirement.


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