Faras students witness solar eclipse

Faras third graders Cesar Gaxiola, Andrea Almaguer and Mrs. Vigil view the solar eclipse through special sun glasses on Aug. 21.

What did you do while the sun was blocked out during the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017?  

If you had stopped by Faras Elementary School in Pirtleville, you would have shared an experience of a lifetime along with students in the third, fourth and fifth grades.

Those students spent a part of their morning looking at the sun through special solar sun glasses. They were able to safely watch as the moon slowly passed between the sun and the earth and blocked the sun.

Students were heard exclaiming,"It looks like someone took a bite out of a cookie.”, “That’s awesome!”, and “Do we get to look again?”

Many adults on campus viewed the solar eclipse also and were as in awe with the uncommon phenomena as the children were. Many classrooms also watched the solar eclipse in real time on television. Students were then able to see the path of totality and how the sun looked when it was completely covered.

Staff members were encouraged when they heard the students’ comments about this scientific event and are hopeful that Faras youngsters will continue to be further fascinated by science and consider careers in the field.


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