Several members of the Sunnyside Volunteer Fire Department were at Paul Huber Middle School on Friday, March 2 talking to students in the ESS Class about fire safety.

The firefighters explained why it is important to not pull the fire alarms at school unless there is a actual fire and what the consequences could be if they were to do something like that when there wasn’t a fire.

They also stressed the importance of having an escape plan at home and how to stop, drop and roll should their clothes catch fire.

The importance of having working fire alarms in the home was also shared.

The Sunnyside firefighters also showed the students what their gear looks like so they can become familiar with what to look for should they have contact with a firefighter at a fire.

They then took the students outside where they were able to see some of the gear that is on the fire trucks.

They then started one of the fire hoses and allowed the students to hold it giving them an idea how much water pressure is going through the hose when used at a fire.

The Sunnyside firefighters who were at the event were Chief Victor Rodriguez, Israel Pereida, Alexius Lamadrid and Gustavo Melendez.




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