Stevenson Elementary given A grade by ADE

Stevenson Elementary on 12th Street, was given an A by the Arizona Department of Education in the latest AzMerit assessment scores.

Stevenson Elementary was one of 10 Cochise County schools who received top marks for the 2018-2019 school year through newly released letter grades from the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

“These grades are based on AzMerit assessment scores, student academic growth from one year to the next, high school graduation rates and indicators that students are ready to move onto the next level,” Cochise County Superintendent of Schools Jacqui Clay told the Sierra Vista Herald. “The grades are intended to give school administrators, teachers, parents and the community an idea of what we are doing well and where we need to improve.”

An “A” grade means the school’s performance is “excellent,” a “B” indicates a “highly performing” school, “C is “performing,” a D school in minimally performing, while an “F” school is failing.

None of the region’s schools received an “F” score.

Clay praised the 10 schools that received “A” letter grades on their ADE report cards, as well as schools that showed improvements from the previous school year.

DUSD Superintendent Ana Samaniego reported the district had three schools that had great growth: Stevenson Elementary went from a B to A; Faras Elementary from a C to B; Sarah Marley Elementary from an F to a C, and Clawson and Joe Carlson Elementary both received C grades.

Douglas High School maintained its B grade, Paul Huber Middle School remained a C, and Ray Borane Middle School was given a D.

“We are extremely proud of Stevenson for achieving the A,” Samaniego said adding the school is planning a celebration shortly to celebrate their academic success.

“This achievement is greatly due to the leadership of former Stevenson Principal Deb Herrera and her staff. Faras has continued to make small gains which is what we hope for any school. The staff at Faras is committed to student success. They may be a small school, but they have a big heart. We are also very proud of Mr. Morales and his staff.”

The superintendent stated Sarah Marley had the most academic gains.

“The teachers and students have been working extremely hard to reach their goals,” Samaniego said. “Mrs. Melgoza strategically planned accordingly to the needs of her students in order to reach academic growth. We congratulate Sarah Marley Principal, Mrs. Melgoza, her staff, students, and parents for their success.”

Superintendent Samaniego said there is still a lot of work to do across all of the DUSD schools.

“We know that the leaders at each school play a huge role in academic success,” she said. “DUSD will continue to support our principals and teachers through our professional development opportunities, data conversations, Integrated Action Plans, and Professional Learning Communities. DUSD would like to congratulate all of our school leaders, teachers, and support staff for their success.”

Liberty Traditional Saddleback was awarded an A by the ADE as was the Center for Academic Success (CAS) kinder through fourth grade school and the fifth through ninth grade school.

McNeal Elementary also received an A. Double Adobe was given a B, Valley Union High School in Elfrida a C, and Elfrida Elementary a D.

Statewide, 459 schools were awarded A’s; 515 were given B’s; 463 were given a C grade; 185 a D, and 51 an F.

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