Students at Douglas High School staged a walkout Friday morning.

The walkout, which began shortly before 8 a.m., was in protest over the alleged unfair discipline of some students.

Jimena Lamadrid, Douglas High School’s student council president, said students began planning the walkout on Thursday.

“Some of the students feel that it wasn’t fair that people who were responsible for the proposed firearm here at school were paying the same consequences as a tardy student would be,” she said. “They’re trying to protest it's not fair, but they don’t know the true story. No one knows what (really) happened.”

Lamadrid said it was her understanding school administrators, including superintendent Ana Samaniego as well as members of the Douglas Police Department, were going to address each of the classes today during their respective class meetings.

“Mr. Walker and myself were trying to find a solution to the problem hoping our students would calm down,” she said. “No one knows the true story. Before the meetings could be held the walkout took place.”

“We fully support students having a voice and taking action on matters that affect school safety,” Superintendent Samaniego stated when asked for a statement regarding the walkout. “We allowed them to gather in front of school and then asked them to go back to class in order for Douglas High School administration to have student cohort meetings to fully discuss the situation and their concerns. Principal Randy Walker takes student concerns seriously and wants to ensure and clarify any misunderstandings.”

A parent meeting is scheduled for tonight, Friday, October 11, at 5 p.m. at the Douglas High School auditorium to discuss the lock down situation that took place Wednesday and provide parents with concrete factual information.

“We encourage parents to attend as important information will be shared,” she said.

Students returned to class around 8:30 a.m.

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