Members of the Double Adobe Rocketeers 4-H Club spent part of their Saturday, June 1 morning launching rockets they had assembled high into the air at the Bisbee-Douglas International Airport.

Group leader John Vaughn said the rockets had to be built, launched and details of what happened during the launch had to be recorded on a 3x5 index card and submitted along with the rocket in order for them to be accepted at the Cochise County Fair this September.

“The rockets all came in kits, they had to sand them down, glue them together and paint them,” Vaughn said.

Four rockets were scheduled to lift off Saturday. One had to be postponed however after initial inspection deemed it was not ready to launch.

The three that did go up, successfully came down intact and fortunately there were no unexpected events like last year when one of the rockets caused a small brush fire when it landed.

Just in case a reoccurrence should happen, Vaughn had arraigned to have an off duty wildland fire truck, courtesy of Capt. Brandon Davey of the BFD, on hand. Fortunately, it was not needed this year.

Vaughn, who has been the launching rockets with Double Adobe 4-H club since 1993, said this year’s project began several months ago and Saturday’s launch was the end of the 4-H project, except for the showing at the fair.

In order to launch his rockets at BDI Vaughn has to contact Cochise County officials several weeks in advance. Once the date and times are scheduled the county informs the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). the 4-H club was able to secure a two-hour window at BDI where they could use their concrete pad as a launching site.

Twelve-year-old Anthony Ybarra was the first to launch his rocket Saturday. He said he was happy with how his rocket launched and was happy it landed without sustaining any major damage.

Justin Rodriguez was the second to send his rocket up into the sky.

“I think my launch today went well,” he said. “It was probably one of my better launches.”

Kaylee Davey, 11, was the last to launch her rocket. She said the most difficult part of getting her rocket prepped for launching was adding the decals and installing the parachute.

“This is my second launch,” she said. “Today was really fun. It was neat seeing it go so high in the air.”


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