The Douglas Dispatch is happy to report that the new mural, located across the street from our office, has been restored after an unthinkable act of vandalism.

We would like to thank all of the artists, not only for the hours and talent they put into the project to begin with, but also for their resilience and determination in seeing that it was restored.

We at the Dispatch are grateful to have a front-row view of the mural, and look forward to seeing it every day as we leave the office.

It is our hope that everyone who observes the mural will respect the intention and work that was put into it. There is no excuse for vandalism.

Unfortunately the defacing of the mural wasn’t the only act of vandalism that occurred in town during the week of April 30. On May 3, only two days after it was dedicated, someone attempted to set a section of the fence at the new baseball field at Airport Park on fire—which left minimal damage, thankfully.    

While these crimes are serious and hurtful, we do not believe that they represent the people of Douglas nor their feelings towards these projects.

We have spoken with several residents who enjoy the color that the mural brings to the downtown area, and its positive message. We also understand that there are residents who do not understand the mural, or personally do not like how it looks. While these opinions are valid we should not let them fuel negative actions.

We would also like our readers to understand how lucky we are as a community to be the home of an original Sentrock mural. The renowned artist has painted murals all over the country, and had nothing but good things to say about the community of Douglas during his stay here.

Let’s respect what some people of Douglas love. When we work collectively to make positive change we will begin to see a shift in our self-image as a community, we will inspire our youth, and we will move forward.



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