Here on the border, we’re on our own. It’s our way of living. It’s how our ancestors and generations of our families lived. We’ve been here in Southern Arizona since before we officially became a state in 1912. We represent generations of prideful families who are one with the wide-open spaces afforded to us in this state we love and call home.

Democrat, Republican, Independent — we’re of all stripes with one common goal.  We all got involved at our own pace, some back in the 2000s, others more recently, but all for the same reason — to help to secure our Southern border. Whether it was regional infrastructure on our properties getting trampled by illegal activity, the human trafficking tunnels under our homes emptying into our backyards, or, the most devastating, losing one of our own … we knew we had to get involved to help to control this.

When Doug Ducey visited us back in 2015, we knew what to expect and we’d heard it before. So, we joined with our always supportive County Sheriff, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, to meet with Governor Ducey to get to know him and to size him up. It was there that Doug Ducey said, “I know how special life is in our rural communities … especially here in the border counties, just know that you’ve got an advocate in the governor’s office.”

That year, Cochise County was in receipt of a $1 million regional communications center for the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. It quickly became clear that Doug Ducey was not a “cheap talk” kind of guy. He follows up, for real, and follows up aggressively. Some of us joked to the Governor that day that he ‘better not forget us!’ And he sure hasn’t. 

Put bluntly, because of Doug Ducey’s partnership with Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, 30 of us living here on the border received equipment for better crisis communication with local law enforcement. Just take it from us, it has served as a crucial lifeline, quite literally, when we’ve been in areas with no cell service holding up cartels on our property. 

Today, we are safer. Today, we’re seeing a committed and continued coalition, led by Doug Ducey, that is dedicated to public safety and securing our Southern border. We have more badges on our border with the support of the National Guard. We have the Governor’s Border Strike Force, providing increased resources to Cochise that make a real difference. We are grateful to have Doug Ducey in Arizona’s corner office and look forward to doing everything we can to secure a second term for Doug.


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