Your City continues to work for you, and I would like to use this opportunity to talk about our street preservation and maintenance program and the upcoming schedule.

Our Public Works street construction staff, supervised by Max Tapia, works hard to control factors that come into play to alter our street paving schedule. With that in mind, I would like to share this year’s resurfacing schedule which will begin on April 20 and continue through the first phase until about May 20.

The schedule is as follows:

April 20: Washington Avenue, 19th to 23rd Streets: clean ditches, pre-patch, double chip-seal.

April 22-26: Washington Avenue, 19th St. to Huber Middle School, reconstruct pavement; raise crown two feet, divert water to north; reconstruct curb drain (hot asphalt mix paving).

April 26-27: Washington Avenue, move to 19th Street, patch and double chip-seal.

May 3-4: Leslie Canyon Road: double chip-seal from fairgrounds to Golf Course Rd.; Douglas Avenue, double chip-seal Seventh to Ninth Street; Chiricahua Avenue, double chip-seal; Fifth to Ninth Street.

May 10-11: Ninth Street, Pan American to Chino Road: widen, clear shoulders, create truck parking areas on right of way, double chip-seal; F Avenue, patch and double chip-seal; International Avenue to16th St.

May 17-18: F Avenue: International Avenue -16th St., double chip-seal.

We like for our residents to know that we will be working on other days preparing streets for a double chip-seal among other street maintenance work. Additionally, our Public Works Director Lynn Kartchner is re-establishing an intergovernmental agreement with Cochise County for additional street paving.

As we head into our City budgeting process, we will be looking at ways to increase our street and road preservation to provide improved roadways. This will serve our businesses and residents as well as offer infrastructure to attract businesses who want to come to our City. Let us know if there are any areas where we can improve.

My door is always open and you can contact me at (520) 417-7302 or by email at

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