The City of Douglas is the proud recipient of Federal grant funding under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant Program (CBDG).

This reimbursement grant program was created in 1974 to provide communities with resources to address a wide range of local community development needs. These grants fund programs in low and moderate income or blighted areas to address workforce development, homelessness prevention, infrastructure and facilities improvements, and services for the elderly, at risk youth and low and moderate-income families. The CBDG grants are awarded for cycles of five years. In Douglas, previously awarded grant funding has been used for projects such as, infrastructure improvements (streets, sidewalks and curbing), two owner-occupied housing rehabilitation projects, two owner-occupied emergency home repair projects, and removal and replacement of playground equipment (all-inclusive) at Veterans Park.

The City of Douglas has accepted a CDBG grant for the 2019 – 2023 funding cycle, which includes periodic grant fulfillment evaluations and annual action reports to verify compliance with grant requirements. Each year of the five-year funding cycle, the Department of Housing and Development announces allocation amounts using a federal formula and we do not know until the announcement how much funding we will be receiving. For federal FY2019, we received an allocation of $173,759, of which $139,007 will go towards project costs. We are in the process of getting approval for projects that will assist our community. The projects for this fiscal year will include a dehumidifying system and new pool pump for the Aquatics Center and LED lighting for the basketball courts. Additional projects that you will see this year as well, which will be using reallocated funding from FY2018, include, improvements at Veteran’s park such as shade for the playground area, a new pool pump and LED lighting along pathways within the park. We are excited to be designated an entitlement community and continue to receive federal grant money which allows us to complete these types of important projects in our community.

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