As we begin a new chapter, a new decade, I’d like to remind the people of Douglas how important it is to continue to promote awareness of Census 2020.

It should be our goal as a community to make sure each and every resident is counted this year. How can you help us reach our goal? Keep Census 2020 in mind when at family gatherings, at work and at school. Remind your peers that National Census Day is April 1.

We each are the messengers and ambassadors to our neighbors, friends and family about this count.

As featured in the statewide Chamber Business News, the business community and corporate America uses the Census data to help form their decisions on where to locate and expand. This is another good reason to make sure everyone participates in the Census 2020. As we demonstrate growth here in Douglas, we’ll be more attractive to new and expanded commerce, bringing in revenues.

Speaking of expansion, the City is happy to announce that we will have a new transit facility for the Douglas Rides public transportation division. We are currently in the early planning stages that will take us forward so we can celebrate a new center in 2021. Thanks to the efforts of the City Finance and Transit departments we received grant funding for this facility; 2020 is off to a great start.

In an effort to strengthen our small businesses towards long term success, the City recently initiated a Goodwill Strike-team with fellow members of the city council, the Small Business Development Center Director Mark Schmitt, and DUSD. This team, along with the city manager, will visit businesses twice monthly, learn what they do, listen and ask how we can help. Through this process we will gather information about their needs and bring them resources and assistance as well. Slated to begin in March, we’re also reinstating workshops for small business on relevant topics to help them grow. I hope everyone has an amazing year 2020.

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