The beautiful changes of the season are upon us, which means the leaves begin to fall, the colors begin to brighten and the weeds begin to dry. Rainy season is almost over and we are left with an overgrowth of weeds.

As the Douglas Code Enforcement Officer, I would like to remind everyone that we as citizens of Douglas are required to keep our properties clean and free of weeds as outlined in Section 8.32 and 8.16 of the Douglas Municipal Code. It is important to not only keep our city clean, but to keep it safe and well-kept as dry weeds present a fire hazard and a public nuisance. It is our duty as citizens to help improve our community and the best way is to start with our properties.

Weeds are easier to cut and pull when the soil is moist. Pulling the weeds before they flower and seed will lessen the chances of them germinating and flourishing in the future. The removal of weeds also helps in preventing mosquitos, any unwanted vermin, and insects.

Code Enforcement has issued notices to residents regarding weeds and property maintenance. If no action is taken after a notice is issued, a citation will be given to the property owner and/or property resident. If you have not received a notice as of yet, and you see that you have weeds in your yard or any other violations, we respectfully ask that you get these areas cleaned or items cleared before any action is taken. Other violations include: unscreened storage of personal property, inoperable vehicles in your yard or on the street, parking on front lawn, or weeds and trash in the City’s public right-of-ways (the areas between your property line and curb/edge of pavement) which include, but are not limited to; the front or side of your property and the alleyways behind your property.

If you have any questions or require any additional information as it pertains to the City’s Code Enforcement efforts, please contact the Development Service Department at (520) 417-7312. You may also stop by City Hall, Development Service Department for a copy of the City’s Municipal Code, Public Nuisance section.

We appreciate the effort of every resident in improving our wonderful City of Douglas. Let’s take pride in our town!

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