I can hardly believe it has been nine months since I was appointed as your representative for Ward 5.

When looking back, it is without a doubt that certain events, such as the Mexican Baseball Fiesta, our significant representation of Douglas in the League of Cities, and our participation in the Arizona-Mexico Commission Conference that have made me extremely proud to be a member and a representative of such a thriving community.

Many other things have happened within the City organization as well, worth mentioning are two council retreats where the mayor and council members got to interact and work together with department heads on different activities. These meetings have helped us tremendously in creating a sense of team building in order to form a vision for Douglas for the near future. We need to be ready for the good things that are to come.

However, if there is something to be learned from the successes we have obtained and that I bear witness to, it is that nothing in our community happens in isolation or by accident. It is the product of the hard work of many city workers, managers and departments. It is also the product of pride and teamwork. We don’t see it but it is there. Their hard work goes unnoticed many, many times....and that’s the way it is supposed to be. We really don’t notice that our trash gets picked up on time using our new trash collection system, that our streets are clean every morning and bright with our new public lighting system every night. However, our city employees, managers and departments are well deserving of our thanks. It may be a job, but they sure do it well.

Please remember that, in order for success to be a constant, open lines of communication are a must. Douglas is a tight-knit community where we are all there for each other.

If you need me, or any other member of the City of Douglas to support you in solving an issue that pertains to the City, do not hesitate to contact me at cesar.soto@douglasaz.gov.

Cheers for the great things to come!


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