I am pleased to provide this week’s Through the Keyhole column, keeping the public informed in the interest of transparency. Often times, the momentum of the many City projects and successes go unheralded, as important as they are and so, I’d like to enumerate a few which are in the pipeline.

Some of the developments that are in progress around the community include the resurfacing of the Aquatic Center baby pool, resurfacing the basketball court at Veterans Memorial Park and installing a canopy over the all-inclusive playground. The City has programmed repairs on Washington Avenue in phases the last two years and is currently working in another section between 15th and 20th Streets, near Huber Middle School. Our streets construction team has been working to get that project bid for outside help and will work with the school district in timing that works with the school district schedules.

The City has also been working in partnership with DUSD on finishing the concession/locker room area at the DHS softball field, the heater at the Aquatic Center pool has been replaced and we have been repairing the airport runway lights at Douglas Municipal Airport. Further, we continue to work closely with federal representatives for expected funding for the two-port solution in 2021. We also continue to have discussions with developers to provide jobs, retail, and housing.

With only about 62 days until the Census opens, it’s important that you know how important it is for you to be counted to bring our federal and state taxes back into our community. In the last Census, Douglas was undercounted by 34 percent. That 34 percent translates to our community losing approximately $12 million per year over the last 10 years. Your participation is critical. Registering to be counted online is simple and convenient. We will have computers available at the library, community churches and locations around the city. For information, please contact Xenia Gonzalez at (520) 417-7388.

I am proud to be a part of our City’s administration as we work diligently to provide a bright future for our community.

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