Over the next year you will hear a lot about “being counted.”

For Douglas, that will be especially important because if we have a higher, more accurate count, we benefit by more of our taxes paid out being returned to our city!

Why do we conduct a Census?

It’s in the Constitution. The first census was taken in 1790 and the U.S. Constitution requires a census every 10 years. The census covers the entire country and everyone living here.

It means some of our tax dollars being returned to us. Census data determines how more than $675 billion dollars are spent, supporting our state, county and community’s vital programs. Arizona receives over $13 billion per year. That equals $1,979 of our tax dollars, per individual counted, which was paid to the federal government coming back to our state. A portion of that comes back directly into our community.

These dollars go towards many Federal Assistance Programs that distribute funds on census counts. Programs include: Medicaid (medical assistance program), National School Lunch Program, WIC (supplemental nutrition program for women, infants & children), Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, Head Start programs, SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program), Medicare Part B, Special Education Grants (IDEA), Health Center Programs, Highway Planning and Construction, and more!

Census data is being used all around you. Local governments use the census for public safety and emergency preparedness. Businesses use census data to decide where to build factories, offices and stores, which create jobs. Real estate developers use the census to build new homes and revitalize old neighborhoods. Residents use the census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality of life and consumer advocacy.

Your data is confidential. Federal law protects your census responses. Your answers can only be used to produce statistics. By law, we cannot share your information with immigration enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, or allow it to be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits.

The 2020 census will be easier than ever in that you will be able to respond to the census online.

How you can help?

You are the expert; we need your ideas on the best way to make sure everyone in your community gets counted.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact: Xenia Gonzalez, City of Douglas, 425 E. 10th Street, Douglas, AZ 85607 (520) 417-7385.

Census day is April 1, 2020. The online link for self-response will go live on March 23, 2020. Please do your part by going online and completing your self-response. Encourage others to do the same, or host a census party to get everyone on online and make sure your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues are counted. Be counted!

The Census Bureau is actively hiring in our area. If you are interested in working for the Census 2020, you may apply online at: https://2020census.gov/jobs or https://usajobs.gov.

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