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Help us save journalism in Douglas

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Dear readers, For several years now, we have delivered our print newspaper to your home in Douglas at no cost. Our commitment is that this community and its residents deserve good local journalism.

Children of Douglas get a jump start on Easter

Dispatch Advertising Director David Dominguez, his wife, Edith Dominguez, a.k.a. Easter Bunny, Publisher Manuel Coppola, and Irene Manzanedo of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, share a laugh after the hunt.

Our locally produced stories are regularly picked up by state and national news outlets. It is a city that, because of its position on the United States-Mexico border, inherently needs news coverage. Beyond that, and more importantly, we feel that our newspaper serves as the glue that helps bind our community, especially in these economically challenging times.

That means we produce and distribute 5,600 free copies of the Douglas Dispatch 52 times a year. To do this, we historically counted on advertising revenue to subsidize the print distribution. Unfortunately, this is no longer sustainable as more and more businesses close and advertising revenue plunges. Like any other business that wants to survive, we need to turn this tide now. To do this, our goal is to have at least 225 supporters at $1 a week for a 52-week commitment by Monday, Sept. 30.

Additionally, you will see our newsstand and rack rate go from 75 cents to $1 beginning next week.

What a deal! Where else can you get news about the contentious city council meetings? Local public safety stories? The Bulldogs’ new football coach? Fifteen of the last 24 editions featured children from our community. Nobody covers local graduations like the Dispatch.

If you value all this content and more, including the annual Best of Douglas and the yearly Easter Egg Hunt, become a sustaining member for only $1 a week.

If we do not make our goal by Sept. 30, after 117 years of publishing, a printed version of the Douglas Dispatch will likely cease to exist.

We’ve been on this journey together for more than a century, through good times and hard times. Together, let’s continue to fight to preserve our community and local journalism.

Call us at (520) 364-3424, or CLICK HERE TO BECOME A SUPPORTER

and buy a digital subscription for just $1 a week so that you have your Dispatch both in print and online!

(Coppola is publisher of the Douglas Dispatch. (520) 619-0224 or

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