Dear Editor: 

This is an unfiltered review of the City of Douglas business activities and services for the year. 

Budget shortfalls: 

  • Needlessly cutting insignificant sums of money to community cultural services and activities because of poor budget oversight and for the planning of huge outside expenditures.                                                                                     
  • Continue to pay a consultant the salary of what could be the equivalent of three badly needed line city employees. The council and administration continue to be charmed and patronized by a consultant that has been on the city payroll for eight years and has given us no realistic data or results of his efforts. 
  • Continue after years of failure to throw away hard working Douglas residents tax dollars on a U.S. Government Federal facility project and should be done through the efforts of our Congressional delegation at no expense to the City.  This proven recently as reported by the Dispatch, that any progress to date can be attributed to the federal GSA effort which was a natural progression as part of their program.  Any credit the consultant tried to take is equivalent to the rooster taking credit for the sun coming up.   
  • No city involvement or expenses were paid on the twenty-three acre, 25-million-dollar Border Patrol Complex at Kings Highway close to the international boundary. GSA considered this location as an alternate site derived from the 2007/08 proposal for an international port of entry. 
  • Granted city facilities and services have been improved in the recent years and have been well deserved, however, not been strategically planned in an ordinant fashion has resulted in an unbalanced budget, shortfalls that one CEO should have been monitoring on his watch on a daily basis and regulating these exorbitant expenses in the last two years. 

Ben La Forge,   

Former City Councilman  

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