Dear Editor:

As we usher in the New Year with enthusiasm and hopes of promise and prosperity, the volunteers of the Douglas Area Food Bank (DAFB) would like to take this opportunity to convey their deepest and most sincere gratitude to all those individuals, groups and entities who gave of their resources in terms of skills, knowledge, time and own good fortune to help us help those who find themselves struggling with obtaining one basic necessity that many of us take for granted.

Many of us consider ourselves fortunate to be doing well economically and can remember an earlier time when we weren’t doing so well; we struggled to make ends meet and wondered if we were going to eat well later that day or the next day. Even among those who never experienced scarcity on a persistent level, there was a friend or family member who was suffering the ravages of daily hunger with no means to combat it. These are people we care for deeply, so of course we are compelled to help them in whatever way we can. The volunteers of the DAFB commit themselves to helping those most of whom they don’t know personally or have never met; concerning the needy the only thing that needs to be understood is that they are in need of food as well as people who believe they are worth the effort of obtaining and providing it. In this light the DAFB volunteers have come to understand the power of giving in terms of how the act affects both the giver and those receiving the gift. This understanding is what fuels them to continue as volunteers.

The DAFB volunteers see and appreciate the more fortunate among us who give of their wealth as well as others who give of their hearts in the form of knowledge, skills and time. All are equally valuable and always in great demand, and all work in concert with each other to aid those who need the help. They experience the pleasure of giving without basing the act on the merits of whoever receives them or expecting anything in return. They understand that what they are giving is food, but few wonder if the recipient may have a different opinion as to what he or she is receiving. Humility and gratitude often changes perceptions in this manner.

The DAFB always accepts donations of money, knowledge, resources and time from anyone who feels compelled to donate. If you wish to donate money, please remember to direct your donation to your local food bank.

For those in the Douglas area, please send your donations to the following address:

Douglas Area Food Bank, P.O. Box 1546; Douglas, AZ 85608.


Raul Hernandez

Douglas Food Bank President



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