Dear Editor:

There are good samaritans in Douglas.

I recently went to Tucson Medical Center by ambulance. It was a long endeavor but all the tests were done by 1 a.m.

The nurse  took me to the lobby and showed me where I could call a taxi to take me home. I called at 1 a.m. and at 1:30 but no taxis came. I was sitting by a window in the crowded waiting room and had just determined that I was not going to get home that night and would spend the night in the waiting room.

Next to me was a young man in a wheelchair. He told me he was from Douglas and had six back surgries. He saw my dilemma and started to help me call a taxi but suddenly stopped and said he could solve my problem.

Within a few moments a woman and a teenaged girl arrived. He introduced them as his mother and sister and said they would take me home. It appeared that the mother had probably worked all day and the girl had been in school. When both were free they had brought the young man to the emergency facility. They were probably asleep in the car. As we walked out of the hospital the woman stopped and said something had dropped on the ground. First miracle; she heard my hearing aid drop on the ground and saved me a lot of anguish.

As we drove towards my home the young girl said that she was a junior at Douglas High School. She said she loved her history classes and hoped to go to college.

The second miracle was the young man and the two women who were such compassionate people and came to my rescue.

I wanted the people of Douglas to know that in their midst are such fine people. So much of our news these days is disturbing.

It seemed important to write you and let you know that there are good samaritans living right there in Douglas.


Grace Swoveland,

Tucson, Arizona.


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