Dear Editor:

I respectfully request the following from our City Council:

1. Please join Councilman (Jose) Grijalva’s signature to place appointed officer positions under evaluation (City Clerk, City Attorney, City Treasurer, City Economic Developer etc.).

2. Please place on the agenda an after action review of the Superior Court hearing. It has come to my attention that our City Attorney may have been aiding the Plaintiff’s case against our city which is possibly a breach of contract and a clear conflict of interest. If this is found to be true, he must be removed for cause by vote.

3. For our new budget, please reduce the City Clerk’s salary. According to a public records request from our Deputy City Clerk, the 2019 Local Government Salary and Benefit Survey published by The League of Arizona Cities and Towns details that the City Clerk of Nogales is paid $45,993 for an estimated population of 20,076, while our City Clerk is paid $73,867 for our estimated population of 16,165.

4. Please establish strict budgets and policies concerning travel expenses, government vehicles, and reimbursements for Mayor and Council.

5. Please direct the Interim City Manager in coordination with the Douglas Police Department to investigate the unauthorized leaks and threatening or intimidation caused by one “Jessica Lomeli” and report findings at a regular council meeting. If charges need to be filed, please direct the City Manager to do so.

6. Please vote against all executive session motions involving personnel and property discussions.

7. Please consider some form of censure or vote of no confidence in our Mayor for allowing the City to endure this fiasco and public relations nightmare.

8. In forthcoming council meetings, move the Call to the Public to the beginning of your agendas.

The political will is here and now. Let’s capitalize on it to enact the reforms our city government so badly needs.

Thank you,


Danny dj Morales


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