Dear Editor:

We would like to thank the community of Douglas for their great support of the efforts to recall Mayor Uribe. Although a technicality ended up getting it tossed, we are still united in our belief that the majority of Douglas wants him out of office. He should now know that as well, otherwise we believe he would have bravely faced the recall election. Douglas residents have shown that he will not be re-elected.

This is not the end of our efforts to remove all actions that are giving the perceptions of corruption and wrong-doing in our city government. Douglas deserves better than what we have all tolerated for too many years. One thing this effort has shown us is how deeply the resident’s mistrust in our City Administration runs. We also learned that the mistrust is well earned. We need to keep in touch with our Council Members and make them aware of what we residents need from them. Although, we have learned that a couple of them go, intentionally and without explanation, against their constituents requests as well. Our Mayor and Council are supposed to work for us. They are supposed to listen to us and respond to us. We citizens of Douglas must not ease off. We must fight harder than ever. We are on the right path to improving Douglas and changing the perception away from Douglas; The Most Corrupt Border Community in Arizona. To do so, we must not be apathetic. We must rise and prove that we are not going to roll over anymore.

Mayor Uribe has caused hateful division in this community with his lies while he violates City Charter, caters to Officials in Mexico, self-promotes and takes credit for the hard work of others. He should in no way take this technicality as a boost to his self-esteem. City residents are still resolved in very high numbers to have him removed from his seat. The citizens have spoken out for the removal of the City Attorney as well.

We, the “Instigators and Trolls” will remain steadfast and work hard to promote our community and our citizens. Thank you to the majority of Douglas for being right here beside us.


Tanya Duarte, Mario Novoa, Chubby Flores, Omar Estrada, Norma Galindo, Ken and Sandee Nelson, Melissa Silva, Gilbert and Ada Parra


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