Dispatch reflections

Dear Editor:

You might have known my mother, Zana Lamb Triest. She was born in Douglas in 1911 in her family’s home just off A Street. Her father started the first dry cleaners there.

Eventually, my mother had to leave Douglas and moved to Los Angeles. But she and I moved back to Douglas in 1967 and she was so happy.

She loved the Dispatch. Following a stroke, I had to move her to a care home in Sierra Vista. I worked close by on Fort Huachuca and could better help take care of her. She passed away in February 1999 and is buried in the old cemetery in Douglas. I come down there when I can to put flowers on her grave.

I look at the Dispatch online. I will watch to see if you’ve made your goal as I am sure if my mother was still alive, she would be upset if the Dispatch had to fold.

Susan Triest Mitterlener

Sierra Vista

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