Dear Editor:

As a lifetime resident of the Bay Acres Colonia, I am concerned for our future as a community. The City of Douglas has begun its attempt to annex our land under their control.

The city promises a reduced water rate, and the “gain” of a garbage pickup service. To compensate for this discount, residents must pay a higher property tax and the inevitable garbage pickup service fee. The city also claims each resident of Bay Acres that is reported on the Census population count will result in an $850 federal tax return for Douglas. Yet, there is no guarantee this money will be specifically invested back into our community.

The city additionally states it will dedicate its firefighter and EMT services to the Bay Acres Colonia. As part of Cochise County, the city’s emergency services have always been one call away. Still, to alleviate some of that burden, we are the home to a remarkable team of dedicated volunteer firefighters at the Sunnyside Fire District. Unfortunately, if the annexation were to occur, the departing of this district and its hardworking members is surely to follow, as their services will no longer be needed. The only benefit present in this annexation is our ability to vote in city elections. However, this ability does not outweigh the costs of handing over our Colonia’s independence.

The Bay Acres Colonia has already made a deal with the City of Douglas in the past regarding a new sewage system. Without a single property installation in sight, on a project expected to be completed by January 2020, a resident can only speculate one theory; it seems the City of Douglas is waiting to own our land, before they invest in it.

I urge all residents of Bay Acres to become informed on this serious, life changing issue. It is my hope for our community to deny the City of Douglas their request of annexation. It is our responsibility to protect our valuable desert wonderland. It is time for Bay Acres to take charge of its future, and write its own history in the great state of Arizona.


Dorian Loreto,

Concerned resident of Bay Acres Colonia.

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