Without a doubt, 2019 has been a challenging and rewarding year at the same time. While we faced a serious financial situation towards the month of May, the administrative changes allowed our city to keep moving forward towards progress. Change is always difficult, but we must keep in mind that these changes will allow us to become more efficient and effective when providing the necessary services to our community.

As we know, moving forward towards success and economic progress doesn’t happen overnight. It requires determination, organization, persistence, and patience. On the short term, the streets of Douglas are receiving a much needed facelift. We all wish this was a speedier process, but let’s remember that a good job takes time to be well done.

Keeping with the theme of moving this city forward, the Commercial Port of Entry is well on its way to be approved by the federal government. This accomplishment will only be possible thanks to the efforts of the people that have actively supported this project in one way or another; be it that they are strongly promoting this project at the federal level, such as Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, or making sure that the Port of Entry has the appropriate infrastructure in order to make this project a reality. I would like to thank the Cochise County Supervisor, Ann English, on her work on behalf of the City of Douglas.

In the meantime, there are many other projects that are still on the works and close to reality. The annexation of areas around the city will allow for the improvement of the services provided to the community especially in the areas of finance and safety.

We all know how outstanding the City of Douglas is. However, we must keep working hard to positively promote the city both at the state and federal level. Our presence matters. City leadership recently attended the League of Cities conference in Tucson, where my fellow councilmembers had the opportunity to participate in discussion panels regarding topics that deeply affect our city and our region.

For example, Mayor Uribe was a panelist in a session that discussed misconceptions concerning the safety of border communities and how “sensationalist” journalism has a negative effect on our tourism.

We must keep moving forward. We must keep promoting the many events that are now part of our traditions and our sense of community such as the upcoming Cochise County Fair and rodeo in the month of September, our Mexican Baseball Fiesta, which will take place October 3 at Copper King Stadium. This year, the Naranjeros of Hermosillo will be playing its biggest rival in the Mexican Pacific League, the Tomateros of Culiacan! Moreover, please come to the City of Douglas’ Trunk or Treat event taking place on October 31, also at the Copper King Stadium. Bring your kids and invite your friends and family from out of town! These events are the perfect opportunity for us to show the world what a heart-warming and welcoming community the City of Douglas is!

As always, please know that I am at your service and that I am looking forward to continue servicing you and the outstanding community of Douglas.

Should you need to reach me, feel free to contact me at Cesar.Soto@douglasaz.gov.

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