I’d like to take this opportunity to remind the community about the proposed annexation plans for the Bay Acres Colonia.

While we are still in the early stages and are not yet in the process of annexing, it is still important to continue discussions about this proposal. Currently, City of Douglas efforts are focused on information gathering (parcel information, boundaries, prioritization, cost/benefit analysis, etc.) and information dissemination. We’ve held one community outreach meeting so far, which was at the Sunnyside Fire Department.

We’ve received a lot of feedback and I’m hopeful that future outreach meetings will create a space for more resident input. The ultimate decision for annexation is in the hands of the residents. Regardless, we are happy to have Bay Acres be a part of the city in this way. I am personally in favor of the annexation and recognize the benefits that could come with it; among those being able to vote in City elections and enhanced emergency medical response.

Meanwhile, Bay Acres does not need to lose its identity in the process, and can continue to be a designated colonia. The process of annexation doesn’t officially start until the City files an application. Until then we will continue meet with the Bay Acres community to share information, and ultimately to prepare for a presentation to Mayor and Council that will detail the cost and provision of City services Bay Acres would be eligible for through the annexation.

This presentation is anticipated for February or March 2020. I encourage the community to ask questions and stay engaged.

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