For the last two weeks students at Liberty Traditional School have raised money for the American Heart Association (AHA), through the annual Jump Rope for Heart event.

The school kicked off the community’s ongoing partnership with AHA on Jan.13, having raised $694.62. Other schools in the area are scheduled to take on the same fundraiser in the upcoming months.

Jump Rope for Heart promotes healthy living by encouraging physical activity and proper nutrition.

On Jan. 24, Liberty Traditional hosted their Jump-a-Thon, a field day of heart-healthy activities including jump rope, hula-hoops, basketball, relay races and more. Each student also received a healthy snack.

“It is very important to show community support.  We are training our children to think of others first,” said Suzanne Stokes, Liberty Traditional, event coordinator. “We need to be aware of the important issues surrounding us. If we can help even one child to a have a healthy heart and a better life, than that is our goal.  It is a great feeling knowing that you can help others and make a difference for not just Douglas, but the whole world.”

Fourth grade student, Santiago Salinas had collected $15 up to Tuesday’s Jump-a-Thon. It was his goal to raise a little more by the fundraiser’s end, Jan. 27.

“It’s great what we’re doing because we’re raising money for children who have leukemia and heart disease,” Salinas said. “We also get to go outside and we’re doing it for the sick children who are sad, that way we can all be happy.”

In other news, Liberty Traditional recently celebrated the 100th Day of School on Jan. 20.

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