Bulldogs 4-1 at midway point of Kino League play

Bulldog second baseman Carlos Corona makes a play on the ball as it comes to him in the second inning of Saturday’s game with a club team from Tucson called Blue Chip. Douglas won the game 8-1 improving its record to 4-1 at the midway point of the Kino League season.

The Douglas Bulldogs won two of three games last week and are 4-1 at the midway point of the Kino League season.

On Saturday, the ‘Dogs beat Blue Chip, a club team comprised of Tucson based players 8-1 at Copper King Stadium.

Damian Robles and Carlos Corona each pitched in the game with Robles getting the start and the win.

Alan Ochoa and Carlos Bello each hit 2 for 3 this game, Corona was 1 for 3 with two RBI’s and Robles was 2 for 2.

On Thursday, June 13 the Bulldogs were in Tucson where they lost to Canyon Del Oro 13-7 and then beat Nogales 12-7.

Against CDO, Victor Stuppi, Reece Trevizo and Bello all pitched for Douglas.

Ochoa and Corona each hit 2-3 this game while Torres was 1 for 2.

In the win over Nogales Jose Ruiz and Aiden Rodriguez both pitched for Douglas.

Jose Ruiz hit 3 for 4; Trey Rose, Corona and Torres all were 2 for 3.

The Bulldogs are in Tucson this Thursday for games with Pueblo and St. Augustine.

On Saturday Douglas will host Buena in a 11 a.m. game at Copper King Stadium.


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